Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Music Video Finale

Wassup! Welcome back to yet another blog post. In fact, this is the last blog post (Yes!). Like last year, our final project is a music video. And unlike last year, My team and I will try to not make it bad. So anyway, in this last post I'll be introducing my teammates and explain how or why we chosen the song we've picked. Also, I'll describe our storyline we created and how it relates to our song's lyrics and lastly, I will evaluate the degree this project of how is showcases my best work.

First of all, for this final project of the school year, I've decided to team up with people that I can trust and rely on. People that will work together and think of ways to showcase your best work. #Ajsoccer808, Josiah's world, and James productions are the ones that are perfect to do this with. Go and check  out their blogs. So anyways, the song that we all have decided to do is 24 karats (clean) by Bruno Mars.  We chose this very song because it's a fun, energizing, and up-beat song and this describes all of our team member's personality.

Secondly, So if you haven't heard this song ( 24 karats (clean) by Bruno Mars) the song and the son's lyrics is about a group of friends Chilling and having a good time with each other. So for our music vid we decided to do a group of friends getting ready for a concert. However, one of the teammates suddenly decides to quit and leave. So only three out of the four goes out to the beach and just had a good time with each other.

Lastly, this final GT project showcases my best work because of all of the new angle shots and new camera skills. For example, in our new music video there are some shots that has somewhat a 360 camera shot of one of our actors or lip singers singing. Also, all of the effects, shot cuts, and the entire film edit was pretty sharp if I say so myself. For example, in a certain part of my 24 karats (clean) song, theres a point where it says "turn the color red the blues" I added an affect that shows the color blue and exactly when it says "the blues" we have the another effect which is blue so it matches the song.  Well thats it. Hoped you guys had enjoyed my very last blog post of the year and see y'hall later.

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