Friday, April 7, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

Hey guys, welcome back to another blog post. In today's blog post is about our very new project for my GT class. And it is a movie trailer project like last year. So in today's blog post I'll be explaining what the project is and how I contributed to this project. Also, I'll describe the biggest challenge(s) and the successes of this project. To top it all up, I'll summarize the critique results and what I learned during this assignment.

First of all, this project is a movie trailer making project. We (the students) are assigned a team that we'll be working with during this assignment. Then, the team members must discus the ways that each member of the team can working on. So the part that had receive to help and contribute to this project was editing the movie trailer and arranging or organizing the clips in place so that the film will make sense. And I also add the effects to the entire film to enhance it or make it more amazing for the audiences that will be watching the film. Also, during I will also try to create a movie trailer poster  that will be featured in our film.

Secondly, in every project or assignment there are challenges. From me, the biggest challenge in this assignment were the meet up days. The meet up days are days that my team meet up and film our clips that we plan to film. However, I am a very busy kid compared to most kids and my schedule for the days aren't really open. However, the greatest success for this project that I feel is the outcome. Our (my team's) goal for this project was to get a 4/4 ( an A) on this project and with teamwork
we were able to fulfill with goal.

Lastly, for the critique, I wasn't here due to a(n) injure but, based on the results I can come up with an idea or how it went. Anyway, the critique went very well for my team. We fulfilled our goal to get an A on this project and we did. Also, ever student in my GT class got to see everyones hard work into making this project. And from this project, I learned that everything isn't as easy as it looks because im pretty sure that every team had it's problems during this project that made them want quit but didn't. i sure know that i was one of them. 

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