Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation


My story board 
 Happy new year guys!! Welcome back to my blog and this new years very first blog post of 2017. In today's post, I'll be mainly talking about my very new assignment/project that I did in the past. Yet again, I'm doing animation. However, this animation will be about metamorphosis, and I'll be working with some of my friends from my GT class. My partners for this project will be Justin's Cool Company Of Some Blog Post  and Megan Productions, go check them out too. So anyway, in this new blog post I'll be describing our project goal and animation types that was used. Next, I'll explain the focus statement, scene(s) and plot of our animation. Lastly, I'll reflect on my team's results on this project.

First of all, what is our project goal? Our goal of this animation project is to,  creativity create an animation that is fresh, original, inventive and that captures our audience's  attention. Also, we are hoping to create an animation that clearly states our motivational statement so that our audience can recognize  it. What are the animation types used? For this animation project, like last year we can use Photoshop. However, this year we can use Photoshop, A new and free program called Stykz, Stop-Motion, Flip Book, Whiteboard, etc.

Secondly, our focus statement for this animation project is show our audience that there is no limits to life and that you can do anything. And that you can do anything. We decided to pick these focus statements because in our story (animation) theres a fish that lives in the shallow waters of the ocean named Dave. Dave notices that the water level of the shallows are decreasing as the days pass by. Thus, he decides to take a chance and travel to the deeper water. As he is swimming, he find himself a group of sharks and rapidly swims back to the shallows. He goes back to the deeper water and yet again he finds a group of sharks. However, instead of running, he swims through the sharks with courage. And as he passing the sharks, his skin is cracking. As he is swimming, he turns into a big yellow submarine. Although, with his transformation, he can control his body and he runs into the sharks from before. He watches the sharks swimming and all of a sudden he can swim again and he now can travel the world freely.
My animation results 

My team's overall results for our animation were surprising too me. In my honest opinion, I thought my animation was really bad but still good enough to get a decent grade. Our animation got 3rd place for "best animation in the class". And our results were pretty good as well (I will not get into that). Even though, my team was having some troubles, we got through it by working together and communicating with each other.

Overall best animation results  (I'm the red)


  1. I like how you added links into your text, and how you wrote a lot in your BME

  2. Thanks Josiah, I also, liked how you added a lot of of writing in your BME. And your animation was really well done in my opinion.