Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Geometric Portraits

What's up guys, welcome back to yet another blog post!!! In today's blog post I'll explaining what are facial expressions and are they universal. Also, my class was assigned a very new project that is geometric portraits or graphic design and I'll explain how I created this project step by step as the second paragraph. Lastly, I'll compare and contrast easy and custom way in photoshop.

Low Poly 1
First things first, what is facial expressions? A facial expression is a nonverbal way of communication.Facial expressions can say a lot such as, sadness, anger , or excitement. Also, Facial expressions are like human’s second language, people can incorporate another person’s feelings just by looking at their face. Are facial expressions universal? In my honest opinion, I say yes because facial expressions are recognized as emotions and emotions are something that you don't  just learn, you are born with it. Thus, this causes  me think that facial expressions are universal.

Low Poly 2
Secondly, in this paragraph, I'll be explaining how  I created  this new project by  giving you guys a step by step guide about how I made this project.  Step 1, Find or take a portrait photo of you or someone else. I suggest a symmetrical image because it's the easiest to work with.  Download your image into photoshop and activate the grids. This is done by show> grids. After you have done this, adjust your image so that is is the main focus of your layer.  Now comes the hard/long part of this activity, make a straight line going directly down your image's face using the line tool. Now outline the one side of your face once you made your straight  line.  Use the line tool to create small, medium , or big triangles within your outlined side of your face. After you've finished all of your triangles, use the polygonal lasso tool to reselect every triangle one at a time and go to Flitter > Blur > Average. After this process  is finished, reselect/outline  your image's face. Then Command J to copy the half you had outlined and colored and flip it over to create the other half of your face. and now your all finished. Heres a link to see the steps to create this LINK.

Lastly,   the difference between the low poly and the poly were the quality and process. For example, for the poly, all I had to do was search up a website and let it take my picture. However, as you can see, the quality of the poly is not very good on the other hand the low poly is a much better version of the poly. Why is this? Well for the low poly, I manually created it. I created ever single triangle you see on there. Overall, the low poly is much better and this concludes the difference between the poly and low poly.

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