Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

HEY!! Welcome back to yet another blog post. In todays blog post, I'll be explain to you guys of how nature impacts my life in different ways. Also, I'll be discussing about how time lapses and slow-mos are created and what was the hardest and my favorite part of the process of this new project.
First of all, How does nature impact me in different ways? Nature impact me through fishing. Fishing allows me to travel and adventure many of different places such as, mountains. Also, I know this isn't pertaining with the subject but, fishing is one of the many things me and my dad have in common.      

Secondly, how are time lapses and slow-mos created? First of all, time lapses are created with this program called Final Cut Pro and so is slow-mos . It's like Photoshop but a little better. Anyway, in Final cut, We can record something and increase or decrease the clip(s) with retime editor. This icon allows the user to seed or slow down their clip(s). This process goes for the same for slow-mos.

Finally, the hardest part of this project was the filming. Filming was the hardest part for me because I was very  busy after school when this project took place,thus, I couldn't really take very good clips. Also, I had a little problem with my editing because i'm still not use to Final Cut Pro so, I had a little trouble with my editing and the deadline was difficult on me because I was A little sick so I really didn't have much time to do this project.  What was my favorite part of this project? Well, I have to be honest and say that I didn't really enjoy it because it was a little difficult. However, from this project I did enjoy that I'd learning a new program.                                                                          (FILM COMING SOON)

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