Friday, September 2, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

Welcome back!! to a very new blogpost. In this blog post I'll be discussing of what do I think  poetry is and what is it used for. Also, I'll write a poetic statement including one of my personal goals and I'll be explaining how and why I used rhythm or rhyme.

First of all, What is poetry and what is it used for? Well, too me, poetry is writing where people can express themselves of what is around them or what is going on within their life. Poetry is a written letter that has a rhythm or rhyme to it .Also, poetry is a writing that explains or tell a story. Poetry is used for people who loves writing and loves to express themselves. However, poetry can also be used for stories.

Secondly, For this paragraph, I'll be writing a poetic statement that includes one of my personal goals. For people who are reading this and doesn't know what a poetic statement is. A poetic statement is Like a poem that tells a statement, instead of a story.

 "I wish to soar high within the sky
where the clouds fly by
Traveling the world is my dream 
where i can see and visit everything"

Lastly, how and why I use rhythm or rhyme? Honestly, I don't really use nether of these, until this assignment was assigned. However,  when this was assigned, I used Rhyme Zone (<---check out the link). Rhyme Zone is a website that helps people search for rhymes when their stuck on some. Also, Why do I use rhythm or rhyme? Like I said before The reason I use rhythm or rhyme was due to our (my class) GT assignment.

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