Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Music Video Finale

Wassup! Welcome back to yet another blog post. In fact, this is the last blog post (Yes!). Like last year, our final project is a music video. And unlike last year, My team and I will try to not make it bad. So anyway, in this last post I'll be introducing my teammates and explain how or why we chosen the song we've picked. Also, I'll describe our storyline we created and how it relates to our song's lyrics and lastly, I will evaluate the degree this project of how is showcases my best work.

First of all, for this final project of the school year, I've decided to team up with people that I can trust and rely on. People that will work together and think of ways to showcase your best work. #Ajsoccer808, Josiah's world, and James productions are the ones that are perfect to do this with. Go and check  out their blogs. So anyways, the song that we all have decided to do is 24 karats (clean) by Bruno Mars.  We chose this very song because it's a fun, energizing, and up-beat song and this describes all of our team member's personality.

Secondly, So if you haven't heard this song ( 24 karats (clean) by Bruno Mars) the song and the son's lyrics is about a group of friends Chilling and having a good time with each other. So for our music vid we decided to do a group of friends getting ready for a concert. However, one of the teammates suddenly decides to quit and leave. So only three out of the four goes out to the beach and just had a good time with each other.

Lastly, this final GT project showcases my best work because of all of the new angle shots and new camera skills. For example, in our new music video there are some shots that has somewhat a 360 camera shot of one of our actors or lip singers singing. Also, all of the effects, shot cuts, and the entire film edit was pretty sharp if I say so myself. For example, in a certain part of my 24 karats (clean) song, theres a point where it says "turn the color red the blues" I added an affect that shows the color blue and exactly when it says "the blues" we have the another effect which is blue so it matches the song.  Well thats it. Hoped you guys had enjoyed my very last blog post of the year and see y'hall later.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

Hey guys, welcome back to another blog post. In today's blog post is about our very new project for my GT class. And it is a movie trailer project like last year. So in today's blog post I'll be explaining what the project is and how I contributed to this project. Also, I'll describe the biggest challenge(s) and the successes of this project. To top it all up, I'll summarize the critique results and what I learned during this assignment.

First of all, this project is a movie trailer making project. We (the students) are assigned a team that we'll be working with during this assignment. Then, the team members must discus the ways that each member of the team can working on. So the part that had receive to help and contribute to this project was editing the movie trailer and arranging or organizing the clips in place so that the film will make sense. And I also add the effects to the entire film to enhance it or make it more amazing for the audiences that will be watching the film. Also, during I will also try to create a movie trailer poster  that will be featured in our film.

Secondly, in every project or assignment there are challenges. From me, the biggest challenge in this assignment were the meet up days. The meet up days are days that my team meet up and film our clips that we plan to film. However, I am a very busy kid compared to most kids and my schedule for the days aren't really open. However, the greatest success for this project that I feel is the outcome. Our (my team's) goal for this project was to get a 4/4 ( an A) on this project and with teamwork
we were able to fulfill with goal.

Lastly, for the critique, I wasn't here due to a(n) injure but, based on the results I can come up with an idea or how it went. Anyway, the critique went very well for my team. We fulfilled our goal to get an A on this project and we did. Also, ever student in my GT class got to see everyones hard work into making this project. And from this project, I learned that everything isn't as easy as it looks because im pretty sure that every team had it's problems during this project that made them want quit but didn't. i sure know that i was one of them. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation


My story board 
 Happy new year guys!! Welcome back to my blog and this new years very first blog post of 2017. In today's post, I'll be mainly talking about my very new assignment/project that I did in the past. Yet again, I'm doing animation. However, this animation will be about metamorphosis, and I'll be working with some of my friends from my GT class. My partners for this project will be Justin's Cool Company Of Some Blog Post  and Megan Productions, go check them out too. So anyway, in this new blog post I'll be describing our project goal and animation types that was used. Next, I'll explain the focus statement, scene(s) and plot of our animation. Lastly, I'll reflect on my team's results on this project.

First of all, what is our project goal? Our goal of this animation project is to,  creativity create an animation that is fresh, original, inventive and that captures our audience's  attention. Also, we are hoping to create an animation that clearly states our motivational statement so that our audience can recognize  it. What are the animation types used? For this animation project, like last year we can use Photoshop. However, this year we can use Photoshop, A new and free program called Stykz, Stop-Motion, Flip Book, Whiteboard, etc.

Secondly, our focus statement for this animation project is show our audience that there is no limits to life and that you can do anything. And that you can do anything. We decided to pick these focus statements because in our story (animation) theres a fish that lives in the shallow waters of the ocean named Dave. Dave notices that the water level of the shallows are decreasing as the days pass by. Thus, he decides to take a chance and travel to the deeper water. As he is swimming, he find himself a group of sharks and rapidly swims back to the shallows. He goes back to the deeper water and yet again he finds a group of sharks. However, instead of running, he swims through the sharks with courage. And as he passing the sharks, his skin is cracking. As he is swimming, he turns into a big yellow submarine. Although, with his transformation, he can control his body and he runs into the sharks from before. He watches the sharks swimming and all of a sudden he can swim again and he now can travel the world freely.
My animation results 

My team's overall results for our animation were surprising too me. In my honest opinion, I thought my animation was really bad but still good enough to get a decent grade. Our animation got 3rd place for "best animation in the class". And our results were pretty good as well (I will not get into that). Even though, my team was having some troubles, we got through it by working together and communicating with each other.

Overall best animation results  (I'm the red)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Geometric Portraits

What's up guys, welcome back to yet another blog post!!! In today's blog post I'll explaining what are facial expressions and are they universal. Also, my class was assigned a very new project that is geometric portraits or graphic design and I'll explain how I created this project step by step as the second paragraph. Lastly, I'll compare and contrast easy and custom way in photoshop.

Low Poly 1
First things first, what is facial expressions? A facial expression is a nonverbal way of communication.Facial expressions can say a lot such as, sadness, anger , or excitement. Also, Facial expressions are like human’s second language, people can incorporate another person’s feelings just by looking at their face. Are facial expressions universal? In my honest opinion, I say yes because facial expressions are recognized as emotions and emotions are something that you don't  just learn, you are born with it. Thus, this causes  me think that facial expressions are universal.

Low Poly 2
Secondly, in this paragraph, I'll be explaining how  I created  this new project by  giving you guys a step by step guide about how I made this project.  Step 1, Find or take a portrait photo of you or someone else. I suggest a symmetrical image because it's the easiest to work with.  Download your image into photoshop and activate the grids. This is done by show> grids. After you have done this, adjust your image so that is is the main focus of your layer.  Now comes the hard/long part of this activity, make a straight line going directly down your image's face using the line tool. Now outline the one side of your face once you made your straight  line.  Use the line tool to create small, medium , or big triangles within your outlined side of your face. After you've finished all of your triangles, use the polygonal lasso tool to reselect every triangle one at a time and go to Flitter > Blur > Average. After this process  is finished, reselect/outline  your image's face. Then Command J to copy the half you had outlined and colored and flip it over to create the other half of your face. and now your all finished. Heres a link to see the steps to create this LINK.

Lastly,   the difference between the low poly and the poly were the quality and process. For example, for the poly, all I had to do was search up a website and let it take my picture. However, as you can see, the quality of the poly is not very good on the other hand the low poly is a much better version of the poly. Why is this? Well for the low poly, I manually created it. I created ever single triangle you see on there. Overall, the low poly is much better and this concludes the difference between the poly and low poly.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

HEY!! Welcome back to yet another blog post. In todays blog post, I'll be explain to you guys of how nature impacts my life in different ways. Also, I'll be discussing about how time lapses and slow-mos are created and what was the hardest and my favorite part of the process of this new project.
First of all, How does nature impact me in different ways? Nature impact me through fishing. Fishing allows me to travel and adventure many of different places such as, mountains. Also, I know this isn't pertaining with the subject but, fishing is one of the many things me and my dad have in common.      

Secondly, how are time lapses and slow-mos created? First of all, time lapses are created with this program called Final Cut Pro and so is slow-mos . It's like Photoshop but a little better. Anyway, in Final cut, We can record something and increase or decrease the clip(s) with retime editor. This icon allows the user to seed or slow down their clip(s). This process goes for the same for slow-mos.

Finally, the hardest part of this project was the filming. Filming was the hardest part for me because I was very  busy after school when this project took place,thus, I couldn't really take very good clips. Also, I had a little problem with my editing because i'm still not use to Final Cut Pro so, I had a little trouble with my editing and the deadline was difficult on me because I was A little sick so I really didn't have much time to do this project.  What was my favorite part of this project? Well, I have to be honest and say that I didn't really enjoy it because it was a little difficult. However, from this project I did enjoy that I'd learning a new program.                                                                          (FILM COMING SOON)

Friday, September 2, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

Welcome back!! to a very new blogpost. In this blog post I'll be discussing of what do I think  poetry is and what is it used for. Also, I'll write a poetic statement including one of my personal goals and I'll be explaining how and why I used rhythm or rhyme.

First of all, What is poetry and what is it used for? Well, too me, poetry is writing where people can express themselves of what is around them or what is going on within their life. Poetry is a written letter that has a rhythm or rhyme to it .Also, poetry is a writing that explains or tell a story. Poetry is used for people who loves writing and loves to express themselves. However, poetry can also be used for stories.

Secondly, For this paragraph, I'll be writing a poetic statement that includes one of my personal goals. For people who are reading this and doesn't know what a poetic statement is. A poetic statement is Like a poem that tells a statement, instead of a story.

 "I wish to soar high within the sky
where the clouds fly by
Traveling the world is my dream 
where i can see and visit everything"

Lastly, how and why I use rhythm or rhyme? Honestly, I don't really use nether of these, until this assignment was assigned. However,  when this was assigned, I used Rhyme Zone (<---check out the link). Rhyme Zone is a website that helps people search for rhymes when their stuck on some. Also, Why do I use rhythm or rhyme? Like I said before The reason I use rhythm or rhyme was due to our (my class) GT assignment.